Hope's Picture Dear Friends,

Welcome to the Sotto Voce Poetry Festival website. During our annual festival we celebrate poetry, listen to poems, read poems, talk about poetry, and attend workshops.

Since I started organizing the festival in 2005 I have been delighted to discover how many people enjoy poetry. During past festivals we’ve had the opportunity of listening to Gerald Stern, Rob Carney, Grace Cavalieri and Richard Garcia.

We offer you several days of readings and workshops which give poets the opportunity of learning more about their craft. Shepherdstown is an ideal place to celebrate the arts, and among the arts, poetry deserves a special place.

I hope you decide to join us for the festival. I promise you, it will be an unforgettable experience.

Hope's Signature
Hope Maxwell-Snyder
Organizer, Sotto Voce Poetry Festival

The Sotto Voce Poetry Festival was founded in 2005 and is produced annually by Hope Maxwell-Snyder with the objective of promoting public appreciation and awareness of poets and poetry and of creating a new audience for poetry in the mid-Atlantic region.

Special thanks to our volunteers whose contributions are immeasurable.