Directions to the Sotto Voce Poetry Festival

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To: Sotto Voce Poetry Festival

Directions (Text):

From Washington Dulles International Airport, Sterling, VA
Depart airport to Rt 267 West to toll booth (exit from airport road is almost immediate).
(Toll - $1.85 (weekends) or 2.25 (weekdays))
From the toll booth, go:
  • 12 miles W on Rt 267 - from LEFT lane, exit onto Rt 7 West (to Leesburg, VA)
  • 4.5 miles W on Rt 7 - exit onto Rt 9 West (to Charles Town, WV)
  • 18 miles W on Rt 9 - left turn to Rts 9 West and US 340 North (a left turn from Rt 9, around a loop onto a four-lane bypass). Four lanes turn into 2 lanes after about 2 miles.
  • Follow directions from Charles Town (below)

From Reagan National Airport, Arlington, VA (formerly Washington National):
Depart airport to George Washington Memorial Parkway (GW Parkway) North. Take GW Parkway north to I-495 to Rockville, MD, and take the I-270 exit to Frederick, MD.

  • 30 miles W/N on I-270 - to Frederick, MD
  • I-70 West exit. Merges onto the LEFT lane of I-70
  • Immediately cross all lanes to far right lane
  • .5 miles Take US 340 West exit - to Charles Town, WV
  • 27 miles US 340. Pick up Rt 9 W.
  • Follow directions from Charles Town (below)

From Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Maryland:
Use free shuttle service (lower level) to Consolidated Rental Car Facility

  • right turn departing rental facility onto New Ridge Road
  • approximately 1 mile to Route 100 West toward Ellicott City
  • follow to Route 29 North toward I-70
  • Merge onto I-70 West via Exit 25B toward Frederick
  • 35 miles W on I-70 - merge onto US 340 West via Exit 52 toward Charles Town
  • 27 miles S on US 340 - to Charles Town, WV. Pick up Rt 9 W
  • Follow directions from Charles Town (below)

From Charles Town, WV

  • 9 miles W on Rt 9 - right turn at stop light at intersection of Rts 9 W and 480 N. (Sheetz Gas/Convenience store on far right corner)
  • 5 miles N on Rt 480 - Turn RIGHT, down German Street at the intersection of German and Duke Streets

From Martinsburg, WV:
From I-81, take exit 16 (Rt 9 East - Edwin Miller Blvd.)

  • 1.7 miles E on Rt 9 - left at light onto Rt 45 E
  • 8.3 miles E on Rt 45 - to Shepherdstown. Proceed through ALT 480 light. Go straight through the four-way stop, down German Street.